A little bit about this brand that is growing a little bit everyday... Just like our children!

Mada in Lisbon®...

Mada In Lisbon® was born in 2015, envisioned by

Inês Gil Forte, and shared from her home based

(Lisbon, Portugal) to parents and children across the world.

Inês is the mother of two lovely and beautiful children
Madalena and Joaquim.
Inês Gil Forte, then a famous Nutricionist, with regular
appearances on TV networks, leading newspapers and
magazines, felt there was a market failure.
Products available for children were either too industrial, unsafe,
exploit child or women labor, fail to comply with fair
trade, were mass produced….
Inês Gil Forte aimed to change this. After her children
went to bed each evening, a vision started to develop….

It started with a dream of being entrepreneurial, creative,
different and it has evolved since then…
The dream has grown ... several lines of products were
developed…each unique, hand-made ... Mada In Lisbon®
products reach, regularly, 22 countries (but the number
keeps growing, thanks to our loyal customers!).  It is a micro

Swings, ArtBibs, Pencil Case. Premium but affordable
products,  from Portugal to the World, building on the country legendary textiles competence and openness to the outside world.

The goal is to create more useful, practical and easy-to-carry baby and children articles that are outstanding high quality (in terms of materials and ecofriendly components), safe, beautiful, unique, hand-made. Far away from the actual offering in most high street shops and outlets…
All products are carefully thought out and produced,  and their materials selected and worked by experienced professionals in each area, to ensure maximum quality, durability, comfort and safety.

A Design and Materials Lab (DM Lab), within Mada In Lisbon®, develops unique and lovely patterns, trademarked. Around 10% of our sales revenue goes directly into Research and Development.  Materials and components are all tested very exhaustively . An European Certification (CE) is added to each part. Every supplier must oblige our stringent standards. In a single word: children are safe with us!  
The patterns vary from geometric – either classic or contemporary - or figurative, but always with exclusive designs of our own.  Once and while, we develop also exclusive collections for a few outstanding fabric partners, that use our products as showcases of industrial and technological prowess.
MadaInLisbon® - Hand-made, Superior, Unique. For parents that do care and their lovely children.
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