Mada in Lisbon® is a Portuguese brand of products for babies, kids and families.


All our products are 100% made in Portugal

All of theme are thought for those who love exclusivity, originality, safeness and best quality products!



Our main products are swings and babyswings, but we have some other products... Just take a look at our Store and see all the different prints and products that we have carefully thought and developed for you!


I think that everything that we plan for our children should have the highest quality, must be practical, safe, easy to carry, and must have some educational purpose!


 I work hard every day in order to have the best products, made with love, with fair trade, by the persons that I know personally, and all these products are prepared to be used for generations!

At Mada in Lisbon® you can find:

  • Exclusive Prints, made by fantastic designers that try to match what's at the forefront of fashion, with standards that always look good.

  • BabySwings with CE certification - EN 71, 72. A certification that is compulsory in this kind of products for babies, toddlers, and children.

  • Swings for all family, with the same prints of the Babyswings.

  • The most practical Pencil Cases! They can be used as a pencil case, or to carry your brushes. They are sent with 12 colored pencils from Viarco.

  • All of our products can be machine washed.

  • They are light, easy to carry and beautiful.

  • We do worldwide shipping.

  • Do you want to know if there's a resellers near you?

  • Do you want to sell our products at your store, just write to me -



We work with the best suppliers in order to have the best products!

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